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    Post  Tukoshi on Sat Mar 14, 2009 3:41 pm

    Hello! Welcome to Huyaroshi's Inn, the place for general forum talk.
    I'm not going to be too strict. Lets just keep it simple. And we can have fun.

    -Spam will not be tolerated, If you do spam, immediate suspension for a week or two, if this does not occure. Then the next spam = ban.
    -If you tend to go off subject, I or the moderators shall redirect your post. please try to be careful where you post, I shall add a description box under each forum to indicate which subject is applied.
    -People tend to make multiple accounts for elections or money trafficating. No, we shall not allow that. If you want to make a new account because your current account is getting a bad reputation, or because you want a new name for your leadership of your own town. Than please PM us, and we will see what we can do.
    -Please argument whilst posting try to avoid posts like "y i lyk dat" or " narutos kl". Elaborate your opinion, "I am a big fanatic of Naruto. My favourite character is Kakashi, because I like his ninja moves. I also like the Story of Naruto, its interesting. Because Naruto has a goal in his life but all these things are happening to him." Etc.. You get the point.
    -SMS Language. I will accept some SMS language, but at a certain limit, I would allow. " Naruto is cool, cos sum of its characters are relli powaful." Hmm, I wouldnt really accept " narutos kl cz it has amzng dudes wiv atks." But I will not ban if SMS language is used, A warning will do.
    -Swearing, I will allow some swear words, but I won't accept people swearing to others. You can say stuff like. " But in the 11th episode of Dragon ball Z, goku's kamehameha is shit!".

    Okay thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay!
    Ninja Wannabe
    Ninja Wannabe

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    Post  Matsuda on Sat Apr 04, 2009 6:15 am

    I've seen this somewhere else but you should have a rule against spoilers. = People who give out information of an episode someone hasnt seen. It worth avoiding man.


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